Episode 8

How Israel is combating Coronavirus, and how the pandemic is affecting business


March 20th, 2020

36 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

Discussion with David Larav who is from Israel, currently living in Colorado, and has family living in Israel. David is a business owner and we discuss current impacts to business and what we expect for the future of small business.

  • How Israel has been rapidly acting to proactively contain coronavirus. They have had some of the most stringent entry actions to prevent spread of infection.
  • Home testing for coronavirus and why it may not be very reliable. Why drive through testing is a better model for testing.
  • Israel is reportedly using cellphone data to determine who has come in contact with infected people to prevent spread.
  • Health care in Israel compared to the United States.
  • How coronavirus has currently impacted David’s small business and changes he has had to implement.
  • Gilman’s Vietnam business and how it has impacted his software development company.
  • With coronavirus the way we do business and educate people may be changed forever.
  • Deregulation will help to solve our staffing shortages during the pandemic and may impact the future of how medicine is practiced.
  • Italy’s shortage of medical equipment to deal with coronavirus has been a big factor in their high death rates. The US is also vulnerable at this time to the same issues and things that may help us get through equipment shortages.
  • A high rate (48%) of 20-64 year olds are being hospitalized in the US, but are more likely to survive, but this could change if medical equipment becomes unavailable.
  • Sharing equipment or transporting patients between states may become difficult as states look to protect their resources for their own people who may become sick.
  • If you want to see what likely will happen in the US, just look at Europe.
  • Gilman and David discuss the expected difficulty getting life back to normal after people are in quarantine.

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